FOLLOW ME 3 洋書 nar091


中国の洋書「FOLLOW ME 3」です。




With eye-catching imagery and in-depth text, Follow Me 3 leads intrepid readers on an expedition through the latest in wayfinding and signage projects from around the world. The book delves into the concept behind each project and the integration of wayfinding programs in their environments, with a focus on visual guidance, space planning, and functional integration in a variety of settings. Projects are organized in easy to follow sections that cover educational and medical institutions, indoor public space, business centers, leisure centers, hotels and housing, and outdoor signage. Each chapter includes projects such as the Graphic Design Faculty Building in the University of Fine Arts, Gdansk, a high-tech Red Cross blood donation center in Kawagoe, Japan, the Vienna Airport, Googles Engineering Headquarters in London, and an interactive mountain bike trail in New Zealand, all of which can be explored just by turning the first page.

出版社: SendPoints
タイトル: FOLLOW ME 3
商品パッケージの寸法: 23.1 x 3 x 29.7 cm
ページ数: 288
言語: 英語
出版国: 中国


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