The Inner Circle of Europe 洋書 nar092


ベルギーの洋書「The Inner Circle of Europe」です。




The Inner Circle of Europe shows the sadness as well as the potential of little, forgotten communities Gert Verbelen went looking for stories in desolate places, which resulted in an honest photo documentary about real, authentic individualsGert Verbelen is a young photographer and designer. For his Master's project, he has visited the mathematically calculated centers of the eighteen countries of the Eurozone. Going there, he ended up in the middle of people's daily lives in poor and deserted places.Europe is clearly not only the well-known institutions or the cities to which we make citytrips. Verbelen avoided tourism and went to god-forsaken villages where no young people live anymore, because there is no work for them.Verbelens photo-documentary shows a lot of sadness and loneliness, while at the same time, displaying the power of little communities and an affection for the place, the house, the kitchen, the chair in front of the TV... Those small rooms are treasuries, and every detail tells a different story. If you look closely enough, you can find stories everywhere.This book accompanies the exhibition 'The Inner Circle of Europe' at the photo-festival '80 days of summer, stories of identity' during the International Photo Festival Gent, from June 12 until August 30, 2015.Text in English and Dutch."

出版社: Cannibal Publishing
タイトル: The Inner Circle of Europe
商品パッケージの寸法: 23 x 3.7 x 28.9 cm
ページ数: 303
言語: 英語
出版国: ベルギー


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