CAETCH 洋書 nar094






CAETCH is an innovative platform on which selected photographers and stylists present their portfolios. The website, which was launched in 2014, has already attracted a large following of photographers and stylists throughout Europe and presents an amazingly broad spectrum of creative artists. Yet nothing could brings out the quality of their work to better effect than printed paper, and so the makers of CÆTCH decided to produce this anthology. The volume is the first in a planned series of books, each of which will be a unique piece of creative book design. Featured on its 352 pages are the diverse works of 141 artists: fashion, lifestyle, and advertising photography, people, still lifes, and landscapes. Each contributor was invited to present his or her personal vision in one or two spreads. The result is a richly varied and engrossing survey of the art of Europe’s best and most interesting photographers and stylists. The book hopes to inspire other creatives as well as collectors on the lookout for new photographers and stylists. With its unique conception and the selection of artists, it also promises to be an inexhaustible source of stimulating visual experiences for anyone interested in photography.

出版社: Gestalten
タイトル: CAETCH
商品パッケージの寸法: 25.7 x 4 x 32.5 cm
ページ数: 280
言語: ドイツ語, 英語
出版国: ドイツ


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