'Happy Holiday', Agnes Martin「アグネス・マーティン」, 1999 アートプリント nar117


'Happy Holiday', Agnes Martin, 1999


1912年 (2004年没)

Happy Holiday was completed by the duck-egg blue and pale peach colours painted into nine of the bands using a different type of acrylic, Liquitex, which gives a translucent and light-reflecting finish. The coloured paint strays beyond the demarcation of the pencil lines, giving the work a gestural and hand-made feel when viewed at close range that subverts the geometric rigidity of the composition. Of the fourteen bands, only the top one and bottom two are filled with the light blue paint, while the other bands alternate between the peachy wash and the white gesso which originally primed the canvas surface. The bands of colour don’t quite reach the edges of the canvas: the small gaps create the impression that the blue and peach washes are floating against the field of bright, solid white. As the art historian and curator Ned Rifkin has observed of these works: ‘Geometry is an abstract system of order concerned with the relation between shapes. It is also an ideal. It refers to a perfection of form that does not actually exist within the natural world. In contrast, the rectangles Martin describes within the square format of her canvases are irregular and imperfect.’ (Rifkin 2002, pp.25–6.)

Happy Holiday by Agnes Martin.
Archival quality, giclée reproduction from Tate’s collection of Modern Art.

Printed on beautiful, high quality paper and also available framed.
Made in England. Paper size, 40 x 30 cm.

Agnes Martin

Happy Holiday

Paper size 40 x 30 cm

Purcell Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper 300gsm



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